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Example of a motion in a meeting

example of a motion in a meeting Assembly The people or delegates in a meeting. AMENDING A MOTION The purpose of the motion-to-amend is to modify a motion that has already been presented in such a Use TM: E3–2A to help explain why meetings are held. Minutes are a record of what is done at a meeting, not what is said. This sample should be customized to the particular culture and purpose of the organization. Conclusion. 8. PGI ENERGY FUND I SERIES- 2010, INC . Motion structure. g. The motion can be made by any voting board member and will need to be seconded by someone else. The actual wording of the motion is given in the agenda and allows members to prepare and inform themselves about the issue. The reasons range from when the decision is beyond the authority Also consider using specific examples of judicial misconduct that you experienced to back up your assertions citing actual clauses violated in the rules of judicial conduct. Leaking roof: that the committee fix the waterproofing membrane because it is leaking into units 4, 5 and 6. Opposition to Motion to Dismiss for Improper Venue: We have a lot of sample motions about venue because in Maryland, any in many jurisdictions, venue can make a real difference in settlement value. MOTION to use Lease-or-Buy Consultants; seconded and passed. Thank you to Leaving Board Members For example, if a matter needing a 2/3 vote falls one vote short of 2/3, reconsideration may only be moved by a member of the minority. Oscillatory Motion. of Essex at their bid price of $3,122, such bid being the low bid meeting specifications. Use TM: E3–2C to further explain the “order of business” for a chapter meeting. President. Oct 25, 2008 · Examples of correct “Points of Order” … point of order Mr Chairperson,… the speaker is not speaking to the motion. - If you make a point in this section make sure it is 100% factual. Rectilinear and Curvilinear motions are the subcategories of translational motion. 4. Motion to adopt is usually made by the committee chair. Dec 08, 2020 · For example, “President of the XYZ Board, Roger McGowan, called the meeting to order. allowing this person to move this motion contravenes standing order number 34, that the mover of the substantive motion cannot move a procedural motion which closes debate. ACTION: A motion was made and seconded to approve the opening of a new mission field in [Country] in [Year] with a first-year budget of $[Amount]. Motion is seconded, stated by the chair and debated. Depending on the motion, another vote may be required at the 2. (Follow steps for a motion. Chair, the motion passes 7-0 or the motion fails 2-5. McGrath announced that the meeting of the Board of Directors would immediately adjourn following the closed session. • Without recognition, "Call for orders of the the middle of discussing a motion, this motion will come up at the next meeting under unfinished business and general orders. You have made a motion and after discussion, are sorry you made it. Translatory motion is the motion in which all particles of the object move the same distance at the same time. Destruction of the Ballots Past President Now, may I have a motion to destroy the ballots in seven days (or immediately)? (State the name of the mover) Second the motion? (State the name of the seconder) Call the vote. • Needs a second. He circulated to the meeting a copy of a draft employment agreement and summarized for the meeting the proposed terms of employment. … point of order, …. The minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of March 8,2017 were presented. President refers to the distribution of the (draft) minutes. “I move to table the motion until a future meeting” To remove from the table requires another motion. Because Meetings My Meetings. What is a notice of motion? A notice of meeting may include a ‘notice of motion’. Minutes should include: 1. meeting. docx from TS 106 at University of the South Pacific, Fiji. - This section is for facts and figures that your fellow council members can’t disprove. Consult with the secretary of the HOA for details on the recorded motion and vote. Dec 29, 2018 · The president or the chairman of the board, group or meeting asks for a motion to accept the previous meeting's minutes as read or with discussed changes as noted. Board of Director(s) of . You may also ask for court costs, if you have any, at this part of the motion. ” The next time Roger McGowan speaks, though, you can simply refer to him as “Roger. A motion should be proposed before the chairperson allows any debate or discussion on the topic. Second: Another member seconds the example, a supporting brief is not necessary. Dr. 2Although compliance with Local Rule 7. Previous question: Ends debate and orders an immediate vote. Suspension of the Rules: This is an incidental motion because it relates to Answer (1 of 4): Version B would be the most usual, in my experience with these matters. A procedural motion takes precedence in debate when moved. After being recognized by the president of the board, any member can introduce a motion when no other motion is on the table. The first is jurisdiction, which means that the court has the authority to decide the legal issues which affect the rights of the parties in the case. Order, point of: the drawing of attention to a breach of rules or procedures A motion is a formal proposal put to a group for a decision by vote in a meeting. This Leadership to GO publication provides an overview of the parliamentary rules school board presidents are most likely to use. Example of a poorly written board meeting motion: “I move to replace the wood shingles on three of the buildings with asphalt shingles. Officers’ reports: President Vice president Secretary Treasurer Board and committee reports: Unfinished business: [Subject title] Motion: Moved by [name] that [state motion]. Notice of Meeting sample Good and bad examples Motion with not enough detail. . Individual members can: for example, "Mr Motion and Order for Continuance (revised July 15, 2016) Author: J Richard Campbell Created Date: 7/15/2016 3:30:44 PM Jul 27, 2017 · Attend the meeting and submit your motion as outlined by the HOA bylaws. ” Not debatable, not amendable, requires majority vote. Have your FFA officers come to class and discuss how they plan their passed at a meeting – for example, there may be a requirement as to which members must be sent the notice before the meeting is valid (see below). The public meeting then ended at 10:38 a. Smith, seconded by Mr. Motion by Secretary Strating: “that the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Manitous be held at the Township Hall in Empire, Michigan on Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 1:00 PM. the meeting so we can discuss your first Board meeting. Apr 16, 2013 · The motion to rescind is one of a group of motions that bring a question again before the assembly. Parking Lot – Items that are not talked about but mentioned. A motion to strike asks the court to ban a pleading, like an Answer, from being used. There are two basic requirements that must be met before a court can hear a case. Motion carried. Minutes . Certificate of Service The next paragraph is a statement that you have mailed a copy of the motion to either the other party or, if he or she is represented by an attorney, then to that attorney. Note the time of adjournment. Motion for Abstention. If attendees arrive or leave during the meeting, record the time and name within the flow of the minutes. Here are 4 simple ways to plan a proper end to your meetings, and help everyone make a productive start on next actions. To initiate discussion, 4th Quarter Board Meeting. When the motion turns on more complex legal issues, parties shall briefly identify the proposition of law in the motion and refer to supporting authority in a separate brief. Following are the different types of motions: 1. motion is approved, the prior proposal is then again before the body. Catalyst Meetings. and then reconvened at 4 p. The Corresponding Secretary shall send by e-mail to every member of the Board, at least [time] before each meeting, the time of the meeting, the For example, this motion is helpful if someone has to leave the meeting at a certain time and does not want to miss any important business. Understanding Motions All items of business or issues requiring a decision must be presented to the meeting as motions which if passed, will but are accepted as notices of motion for the next meeting. Items can be postponed until a future meeting. Meetings that use Robert's Rules of Order or another parliamentary process make official decisions using motions. It can be applied to any decision adopted by the board at any time (if it is during the same meeting as the decision the motion to reconsider is used). Unfinished Business Any questions previously introduced and not finished or any postponed to the present meeting –“The first item of business is the motion relating to . Login information. Asaduzzaman and seconded by Mr. This promotes an orderly discussion. So, we provide here some notice of meeting sample, a notice of meeting template, and a notice of meeting example also notice of meeting format. Recognize visitors The council recognized our visitor, Mr. - Examples of facts: Scotland is a place. A motion was made and seconded to increase the [Year] budget for the Description of Minutes (a sample report of minutes is included later in this document) The following sample agenda represents typical format and content of a board meeting minutes report. What happens to my motion? There's a limited amount of time to discuss motions so there'll be an open priority ballot to decide what order motions will appear on the agenda; if the time runs out, the motion won't be discussed at the AGM. , these should be put in a notebook called standing rules. Motion to Close Debate (Call the Previous Question) Used to end discussion regardless of previously established limits and move to a main motion. 2 THE BASICS A motion is a proposal to do something, proposed by the person called the mover of the motion. and interrupts pending business at that hour. Open Forum: A few examples of the rotatory motion are as follows: The motion of the earth about its own axis around the sun is an example of rotary motion. Adjournment–"AGMrequires"motion"to"adjourn,"typically"made"by"meeting"chair. Oscillatory motion is the motion of a body about its mean position. " 9. The 16 Types of Business Meetings. Exhibit 99(c) Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of the . This meeting resolves: • Describe the actions you think Unlock Democracy should take. , always A motion is a suggestion or proposal that someone brings during a meeting, which is then debated on and then voted on. diligent. Note: Minutes do no require a motion and do not have to be voted on. tabled by motion and vote and no further discussion or action may be taken until it is voted on to remove it from the table. For example, if a member moves to postpone the motion to the next meeting, another member can amend the motion by adding at the end, "and make it a special order for 7 p. MEMBER3 ( “We need time to talk this over. The treasurer will read the bills. Chris Murphy, parent of a 9th Oct 01, 2018 · For example, a motion to preclude asks the court to ban the testimony or evidence from being used in the case. Requires"no"seconder"or"vote. . 2. Madam Chairman or Mr. Previous Question – “I move the previous question. The previous minutes must be accepted before the current meeting can proceed. Apr 13, 2018 · Sample notice of motion - examination order - plaintiff (Form 53) This is an example of a completed notice of motion - examination order. Chair states that the motion is not debatable but is amendable and asks if any amendments. The Notice of Motion tells the other side the date the motion will be heard by the court. Share some agendas from previous FFA meetings with the stu-dents. , “I move that we add a coffee break to this meeting”). 15. I'm a non-practising lawyer and a financial printer, so I get to see stuff like this fairly regularly. Road, Dhaka – 1000 be appointed auditors of the society to hold office till conclusion; of the next Annual General Meeting. · Assessment of the Meeting: - Kyumoto noted that the past three meetings have run over the intended two-hour time slot by half an hour. New Business – items brought forward by motion procedure Meeting Minutes Minutes are a legal record of meetings and the organization. Miller, that in accordance with the recommendation of the superintendent the contract for furnishing snow plow attachments in accordance with the specifications be awarded to the Ajax Equipment Co. etc. For example, during a meeting, the chairperson may ask that participants cast their votes for or against a particular proposal/motion. When a motion is proposed, participants will typically vote Yes The meeting recessed at 3:45 p. This is a notice, given by a member of the association, A motion to convene a closed meeting must identify the subject of the meeting, the purpose of the meeting, and cite an applicable exemption from the open meeting requirements. Jul 22, 2019 · Motion papers consist of a top page called a Notice of Motion, followed by an Affidavit in Support of the motion, and copies of any documents that the moving side thinks would help the Judge make a decision. NOTE: Roll call votes are necessary when expenditures are being approved and voting on Election of Officers. ) REPORT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD (for association meetings) A summary report (not the minutes) is read for the information of the members. Called a motion to commit in RR. Open Meetings Act MCL 15. Feb 14, 2013 · A motion needs to be moved to accept the minutes and then seconded to be accepted as a true record of the meeting. !!!!! 1!This is a key document under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia, the legislation incorporating saying "The motion is carried; therefore (STATE THE INTENT OF THE MOTION). 1. Calling the Question refers to ending the discussion and voting on the motion. A motion for contempt asks the court to fine and/or jail the other side for ignoring the court’s order. Vote is taken and recess is allowed. It has been moved and seconded that the bills be paid. Chairman. Sample A motion is a proposal that the entire membership take action or a stand on an issue. If you need more help, get legal advice. Motion to Dismiss Single Debtor. Cadence Meetings. In parliamentary terminology, it sets the time for an adjourned meeting. A division was demanded. Mr. The vote was retaken, and the motion to buy a computer and laser printer was lost. In a smaller meeting, like a committee or board meeting, often only four motions are used: Mar 31, 2021 · The meeting is a vastly important thing for any kind of company and a formal meeting always needs notice for their chairman, director, shareholder. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES FROM (DATE) You need a motion to approve the prior meeting's minutes. Are Motions (General) The motions below should be filed by selecting the appropriate motion event and using the instructions under Filing Motions (General). May 19, 2010 · It is a kind of repeat of the first paragraph of the motion. [Leave only one of these] New business: (Upcoming events, New Ideas, Review of Calendar) [Subject title] Motion: Moved by [name] that [state motion]. ” Second is made. Example: View Sample of Motion question- 1. In order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, the preferred practice is to make a separate motion for each topic that will come under consideration during a closed motion is a formal recommendation put to a meeting for debate and consideration. If the rescind motion passes, it completely wipes out the original motion. Note that board meeting minutes are very important. That motion is then discussed and voted on by the members. The A motion arising out of an officer’s, board’s, or committee’s report is taken up immediately. Remember, if your organization is mandated to comply with open meeting Board meetings are more informal and urgent items can be dealt with first. ” The motion to close debate immediately is called the motion for the Previous Question. If the other party has an For example if #6, a motion to table the discussion, is proposed, it must be voted on before #3, a motion to amend, can be decided. Meetings to Evaluate and Influence. Defendant. Table: Summary of Types. Name, date and location of meeting 2. What Is Said In this example the club is considering participating in a parade. Mover: one who speaks on behalf of a motion. Voting is the official action after discussion to adopt, amend, kill or table the motion. The $[Amount] budget for this field is included in the annual budget to be considered by the board in this meeting. Example: How Different Types of Meetings Work Together. Mahabub Alom, it was resolved that Auro and Co. These reports should be brief. If this motion is adopted, it ensures that no further business is considered after the set adjournment time. The minutes do not need to be read but each member can have a copy. ” If there are two Rogers in the meeting, use an initial for their last names to separate the two: “Roger M. THAT, subject to the preceding motion and the following 3 motions being passed, The Owners – Strata Plan No [insert number] RESOLVE to enter into the building contract with [insert details] dated [insert date] to undertake the remedial works to replace the combustible cladding in the strata scheme as approved in the preceding motion and recommended by the Owners Corporation’s expert [Special note: When an assembly passes a motion that has to do with a continuing nature, for example, time of the meeting, buying plaques for out going officers, giving money to an organization on a yearly basis, having a yearly dance, or a set function at a certain time, etc. Nem con Too often, meeting leaders conclude with an "End of Meeting" or "Adjournment" note on the agenda, but with little thought to how the meeting could actually be brought to a productive close. A motion is a formal proposal put to a group for a decision by vote in a meeting. No motion is needed for adoption of reports unless recommendations for the association call for action. Some examples of Motions you might file are: Motion to Compel Discovery Motion to Continue Motion to Clarify Motion for Contempt* Once you have filled out the Motion, (see attached example) you must file the original with the Clerk of Court and mail a copy to the other party in your case. " Doing so ensures that the motion is taken up promptly at 7 p. Secretary: “Madame Chair/Mr. [Leave only one of these] Action Items: (Who is responsible for what moving forward and what is their deadline) When is next meeting latest Executive Board meeting recommends that the local take If the President’s Report contains any actions recommended by the Executive Board, a motion should be made to adopt the board’s recommended action. "I move to lay the question on the table" or "I move that the motion be laid on the table. Chartered Account, 5/2 M. Incidental Motion: Questions procedure of other motions (must consider before the other motion) 5. ” Example of a well-written board meeting motion: “I move to replace the wood shingles on buildings 1, 2, and 3 with asphalt shingles in May, 2017. Motion made by Mr. The outcome of a motion gets recorded as an official decision in the meeting minutes. Motion to Extend Automatic Stay. All items of business requiring a decision must come before the meeting by way of a motion and if passed, becomes a resolution. State the motion: I move to . Motion unanimously adopted. Dec 18, 2019 · Motion A motion is a formal proposal for discussion and action. Lay on the table: Lays a pending question aside temporarily when something more urgent has arisen. called for a vote. Minutes protect the organization by recording the time and location of the meeting, participants and the outcome of the motions. Vote: Unanimous approval Resolved: The minutes of the July 15 meeting are approved as corrected and entered into the School’s records. Motion to Refer/Commit: This is a subsidiary motion which asks that a matter be referred For example if #6, a motion to table the discussion, is proposed, it must be voted on before #3, a motion to amend, can be decided. Translatory. The motion to buy a computer and laser printer was carried. Sep 27, 2021 · Sample Format for Hearing Motion: NOTICE OF HEARING. Motion on notice A motion on notice is an important item of business, which requires prior notice before being moved at a meeting. The Bylaws were reviewed and on motion duly made, seconded and unanimously adopted, it was: RESOLVED that the Bylaws submitted to and reviewed by this meeting are adopted as the Bylaws of this Association and the Secretary shall insert them in the Minute Book of the Association. Jun 20, 2016 · A motion for change of venue ensures that a case is heard in the best location. com The time that the meeting was called to order and by whom. Please note that a tabled motion can be taken from the table, discussed, and voted on at any time before the meeting is adjourned, or at any future meeting when business is in order. See CPLR 3126. 586–87] to authorize the executive board to conduct business by a particular type of electronic meeting. MOTION NEEDED TO PAY BILLS. There are a number of reasons why an owner may choose to take up the option of submitting a motion to the AGM. Once you present your proposal, the board will vote on the issue; the motion will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. After discussion, upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, it was RESOLVED, that the "Medical and Dental Reimbursement Plan" presented to the meeting hereby is approved and adopted by this Board of Directors, and it is ordered that EVERY MOTION NEEDS A TITLE NOTES: - This is the section in which you include undisputed evidence that supports your motion. " See full list on insights. a. Motion for Adequate Protection. sets of sample rules below shows how the organization might amend Article VI of the bylaws [RONR (11th ed. APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Motion: To approve the Friday’s School Planning Team meeting together with the School Principal about the School Intramurals 2015. If the motion to reconsider is approved, the prior proposal is then again before the council. Includes clarification of some frequently misunderstood or misused rules and motion charts that can be used as references in meetings. most instances, there are five steps in bringing a motion to the floor and having it voted upon by the group. This is an example of an unsatisfactory motion submitted by a lot owner. † The board may then find it helpful to adopt rules such as the following: Sample Rules for Electronic Meetings for Scenario A . Terms Amend To change the wording of a motion. Streett seconded the motion, all members voted in favor of closing the meeting. For example, bowling, pulling a drawer, gunfire, etc. Upon motion duly moved, seconded and carried it was resolved that: 1. " b. A motion requires a second to be considered. done in the form of a Motion. Chair, The The presiding officer of a meeting, whether it is the president or a committee head, etc. 1(A) is not required for Rule 12 motions, Motion carried. A Board President’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure. - Swanson announced that she had recently hired a new secretary, Karla Writewell. Motion: the name given to a 'proposal' when it is being discussed at a meeting. notice of a motion to do so having been given. It needs no second since it is a committee report. Motion: A member rises or raises a hand to signal the chairperson. Jul 21, 2021 · For example, in some instances, this could require a minimum of half a committee or team to be present so they can vote on a motion and finalize a decision. Motion to Table: Kills a motion 6. Motion – A motion is to suggest a vote is taken by the eligible members of a meeting. A Medical and Dental Reimbursement Plan was presented to the meeting. m. I move that we recess for 10 minutes. Feb 14, 2020 · A motion will be ruled out of order if does not speak in the voice of the conference. However, it’s also important to have explanatory text covering what the issue is and why it is important to the conference. If the group agrees, this can be done informally or as a motion. For example, it’s not wrong to tell people they need an agenda with clear outcomes listed for every topic. In a smaller meeting, like a committee or board meeting, often only four motions are used: Tabling lays the motion aside. TM: E3–2B may be used to explain the steps in planning the meeting. It is important to complete this form using your own details and based on your own circumstances. Also, requests for recusal should be in the form of a motion. 9. The party making the motion is called the movant. End the minutes with the name of the recorder and the secretary who has reviewed the minutes. Motion for Access to Tax Documents. the foregoing action regarding this was properly approved and adopted by the Board of Motion Directors at its meeting in , Pennsylvania, on the day of , 20 . The motion to rescind requires a 2/3 majority to pass. If the motion to reconsider passes it brings back the original motion for the board to discuss and vote on. The Chair can Procedural — dealing with the conduct of the meeting itself or, as the word implies, establishing a procedure which best deals with a substantive motion that may be before the chair. It must be debated out. G. " CALL FOR ORDERS OF THE DAY At the beginning of the meeting, the agenda was adopted. Motion to Refer/Commit: This is a subsidiary motion which asks that a matter be referred to another body, or to another meeting of the same body. Oct 02, 2018 · October 2, 2018. Do not try to file this sample form at court. 2005-36. 269 (1) Each public body shall keep minutes of each meeting showing the date, time, place, members present, members absent, any decisions made at a meeting open to the public, and the purpose or purposes for which a closed session is held. Strata unit owners have the option to submit motions to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is the forum for all owners to vote (if they choose to). NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Motion for Summary Judgment shall come on for hearing before the Honorable (name of judge) , Judge of the above-entitled court, in his/her courtroom at (address) on (day & date) at (time) , or as soon thereafter as counsel may be heard. Adjournment There is no need to obtain a motion to adjourn the meeting. Feb 21, 2016 · It’s time to make a motion to replace the roofs. This requires a two-thirds State whether the motion failed or carried. October 18, 2018 meeting on the projector for those who may not have received them via email. It differs from the motion to reconsider in that there is no time limit on making this motion The majority of members agreed on Lease-or-Buy Consultants. ) If adopted by a majority vote, it puts off further consideration of the main motion to a later time or meeting named in the motion. • After recognition, "Madam President, I ask permission to withdraw my motion. Quorum – The minimum number of individuals required to have a recognized meeting. Form For All Submissions To Parliament 12 Meeting: 11 Parliament th 26 August to 6th September Robert's Rules of Order, Steps in Making a Motion. List of attendees (note presence of a quorum) 3. While driving a car, the motion of wheels and the steering wheel about its own axis is an example of rotatory motion. The chairman is not following the order of the approved agenda. Moved, seconded, and carried that the school council approve the minutes of the October 18, 2018 meeting. ), pp. • Only one thing (motion) can be discussed at a time. At a basic level, a motion must have a title and a formal instruction for the conference to carry out. II. Any opening remarks summarized here. or. The motion to reconsider the vote on buying the computer and laser printer was adopted. "I move the previous question" or "I move we vote immediately on the motion. Leading meetings. Rise and address the chair: Madam President or Mr. Nem con: from Latin, literally, 'no one speaking against' Opposer: one who speaks against a motion. May 28, 2020 · then made a motion that the Board enter closed session for the reasons stated above. CHAIR ( (10 minutes later) “The meeting will come back to order. Jul 18, 2015 · I. ” The above is followed for each item on the agenda. The organizational meeting of the Board of Directors of the above captioned Corporation was held on the date, time and at the place set forth in the written Waiver of Notice signed by all the Directors, fixing such time and place, and prefixed to the minutes of this meeting. In each case, the sample bylaw provisions are Sample Board Meeting and AGM Procedures 4! ©2017GoverningGood"! 8. Motion: To approve the minutes of (DATE) as circulated (or AMENDED) Motion By: Name of person (FIRST & LAST) who made the motion A motion can be a proposal that something should be done (this is a substantive motion), or a proposal that affects the conduct of the meeting itself (a procedural motion). A member makes a motion. This was a venue battle over the more specific factual issue of whether defendant was doing business in the jurisdiction in which we brought the claim. Five Steps of a Motion Steps Who Speaks After being recognized by the presiding officer. 14. A motion is the topic under discussion (e. Jul 07, 2021 · On the motion of Mr. It does not give a solution, such as how the roof will be fixed, or authorise spending on the repairs. FIX THE TIME TO WHICH TO ADJOURN • Purpose: To set a later time to continue this meeting before the next regular meeting. Motion failed. motion instructions 2/00 1 DIRECTIONS FOR BRINGING A MOTION 1. Notice that the first example, "reconsider," is actually a two-step process. What is a Motion? A motion is the method used to speak to the judge about a matter in your case. Meeting Agenda – Topics of discussion that are approved by the members before or during the meeting. This is an important one because Robert’s Rules of Order relies heavily on the majority rule. The presiding officer assigns you the floor by stating your name or nodding at you. MOTION: McCullough; SECOND: Garcia MOTION CARRIED 5. Another motion is then in order. “I move to remove from the table the motion to. For example, a motion may be brought to ask the court to set aside a default or vacate a default judgment , or it may be brought to ask the court to order a judgment to be paid in Mar 15, 2012 · Approval of minutes: Motion was made by [name], and seconded to approve the minutes of the _____ [date] meeting. Motions and amendments . " or if the vote is in the negative, the chairman states "The motion is lost. Motion to Postpone: Delays a vote (can reopen debate on the main motion) EVERY MOTION HAS 6 STEPS 1. that was pending when the previous meeting adjourned. example of a motion in a meeting

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